backup generator

Sometimes we take our backup generator for granted and forget to maintain it. Stevens Electric has 5 simple and easy tips to keep it running for years.

A backup generator, also known as a home generator can be crucial in areas that lose power often. Nobody wants to be left in the dark (both metaphorically and in reality)! Stevens Electric is safe to assume you do not want to be out of power. Also, it can be useful when the power goes out during storms or other weather emergencies. For those who have a family member with certain medical needs, the power outage could lead to severe issues.  Even if you have a backup, if they are not maintained they may not work properly.

Another comment we get from customers is, “we had no idea we had to do maintenance for this generator,”. We cannot stress enough how important maintenance is. Aside from an emergency, the cost of some simple maintenance is vastly cheaper than fixing, or even worse, buying a whole new backup generator. These generators work by creating energy they convert chemical or mechanical energy into electricity. Once the generator creates the current, it directs it through copper wires to deliver electricity to devices, machines, or to your home’s electrical system. So, how can you properly maintain your backup to save you worse headaches in times of emergency? Don’t worry, Stevens Electric knows a few tips to make sure your generator continues to work.

5 Tips For Generator Maintenance

Some of these tips may seem like no-brainers but you can never be too safe.  Since we try our best to grant peace of mind, you can trust in us to maintain electricity to your generator no matter what events may try to disrupt it. Here are the top 5 maintenance tips we’d like to offer:

  1. Keep the area near the generator clean. Try your best to place the area where there are no trees, debris, and leaves.
  2. Check the oil. Similar to your car, your generator needs to have it’s oil levels checked. We suggest you check oil levels once a month, then top off the oil if levels are low.
  3. Keep cheap extras with you. Items like extra oil, air filters, and oil filters are cheaper items that many homeowners should own. Consider it caution if you believe your backup generator will be used for long periods of time.
  4. “Exercise” your generator. Yes, it may sound silly, but older models may need to run a few minutes. This will help clear fuel lines and keep parts lubricated.
  5. Schedule Stevens Electric for yearly backup generator maintenance.

Accordingly, home generators can help you in times of crisis. So, make sure they will work when it’s needed. If you would like more maintenance tips or to have a generator installed please contact us using our contact form or by phone (610) 316-9998.