Should You Invest in Solar Panels?

When the thought of being more environmentally friendly and lowering electric expenses comes to mind, many might give installing solar panels a thought.

Solar panels work to convert light to electricity. The more light that hits the collection of solar cells in a panel, the more electricity that is produced. Solar panels can power many things in a home, including a swimming pool system, home heating system, water heater, outdoor lighting, cooking appliances, ventilation fans, and even whole homes.

Pros vs. Cons

When deciding if the initial cost of installing solar panels at your property is worth the up-front price tag, you should take into consideration your electric rates and usage, available tax incentives and rebate programs, and rates of installation by a professional.

Benefits of using solar panels for power include:

  • Renewable Energy Use. As long as we have the sun, you’ll have a power source.
  • Lower Bills. Your electric bills will decrease as your solar panels generate needed energy at your property. Did you know some homeowners have even received payments for generating surplus energy they have supplied to their local grid?
  • Multiple Uses. As mentioned, solar panels can be used to supply energy for many different things: a pool area, or even a whole home or another area that isn’t supplied with electrical service otherwise.
  • Low Maintenance. Once installed, there isn’t much work involved in using your solar panels. Most often, all that is needed is cleaning them twice yearly to keep them in good working condition.

Pitfalls of solar panel use can include:

  • Upfront Cost. The expense of the panels themselves, plus a power inverter, batteries, wiring, and professional installation can be pricey. Most property owners do find that their return on the investment is worth this initial cost, though.
  • Weather Dependency. You can still generate power on a cloudy or rainy day, but less, especially if there is a prolonged period without prominent sunshine.
  • Size. If you’re looking to generate a lot of electricity, the number of needed panels could take up a significant amount of space. Some roofs are not big enough to hold the number of panels needed.

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