Unexpected weather, blown transformer, or even an act of god can take out the power of an entire block leaving you, the home owner, without out power for upwards to a week.

Has it happened to you before? I know it has happened to me. Thanksgiving of 2014 the power went out the night before, a transformer had blown and we were left without power for three days. Unfortunately, we didn’t have a generator, and we hosted Thanksgiving by grilling the entire meal! So, when that weather hits it can leave your home or office without power for hours or perhaps days. If you think a backup generator is an extravagant purchase, you will be surprised at the benefits of investing in one.

What is a Backup Generator?

A backup generator can be portable or permanently installed. It typically runs on natural gas or propane and hooks up to your home or office’s current electrical system. It takes on the electrical load so that you can run appliances, keep lights turned on and even run your heater during a power outage. Most generators kick in immediately following a power outage so that you have minimal down time. As long as they are installed properly by a professional. While you can use a portable one, permanently installed generators offer greater benefits.

Why Install a Permanent Backup Generator?

Backup generators are a valuable investment for both residential and commercial properties alike that keep you out of the dark.

Protection – Backup generators keep your lights, security systems and your HVAC systems working (if it is big enough) in your home, you can continue cooking for your family, keep perishable items intact in freezers and refrigerators, etc.

Stability – During a cold winter or hot summer, you can’t risk having your HVAC system down. Home and office occupants can stay comfortable even when the power is out.

Less Downtime – Businesses that do not have backup generators can experience heavy downtimes. Downtimes mean loss in productivity and revenue.

Possible Insurance Discounts – Some homeowners and business insurance programs offer a discount for installing backup generators and can also help the value of your home.

A backup generator is protection and peace of mind that keeps your family and business safe and sane during a power outage. Take it from me, at that time I wished I had one. There are many options for you now making packages that you can afford to invest in a generator. For maximum efficiency and safety, only use a professional electrical contractor to install your backup generator. Stevens Electric is a Generac Certified Dealer and distributor. We have more than enough experience and have installed over twenty backup generators. Call today for a free estimate.