swimming pool construction

What do We Know About Swimming Pool Construction?

Swimming pool construction is exciting, but a challenging project. From the endless permits, inspections, to the physical labor involved, it is not a quick and easy job. As a company that builds swimming pools, you have a duty: ensure a safe swimming pool. Hiring any electrician to inspect your pool will not do – and you cannot count on inspectors to find issues. All it takes is one faulty wire to become a safety hazard, and a liability for your company.

How to Hire the Right Electrician to Inspect Pool Safety

There are a lot of electricians out there, but not everyone is skilled in swimming pool electrical systems. When looking for an electrical contractor to inspect and bring power to your swimming pool, consider the following:

Swimming Pool Expertise

Every licensed electrician in the state is qualified to look at electrical work, but a company that has experience with swimming pool electrical systems is important. This professional is already familiar with Article 680 of the NEC and not only can help install the electrical system right the first time, but inspect it after the job is done to make sure it is sound.


Your pool is on a timeline and it is imperative you stick to that timeline. A good electrical contractor is one that can help you meet your deadlines and does not have a busy schedule that requires you to wait weeks before they can show up at the job site.


Whether you get references from customers or other contractors, check to see which electrical contractor they prefer.


As with any project, there is always a budget. Look for an electrical contractor who gives you upfront pricing and detailed estimates. You will want a contractor that is within your electrical wiring budget, but do not sacrifice quality just because of price.

Finally, if you still have any questions, please contact Stevens Electric so we can help explain further.