electrical service

Your Home Needs the Right Power Supply to Fulfill your Day-to-Day Needs.

Updating your home’s electrical service is very important for maintaining your home. Your electrical systems play a vital role in the safety and efficiency of your home, not updating your system could turn out to be expensive and hazardous down the road. Here are three benefits of changing your electrical service:

No More Blown Fuses

Presently, do you experience frequently blown circuits or fuses? Then it is time to upgrade your electrical service. Repeated fuse problems could mean your current electrical supply cannot handle your home’s electrical load. So, changing your service will make sure of no more blown fuses.

Updates to Today’s Standards

Older homes have outdated wiring that is not only inefficient, but may pose a fire hazard. Most outdated wiring does not work with modern light fixtures or appliances either. Updating to today’s electrical and wiring standards reduces your risk for electrical fires.

You Have Room to Add More Down the Road

With an updated breaker box you have the ability to add larger appliances, new lighting, etc. to your home without running the risk of overloading your system.

Lastly, contact Stevens Electric for any questions regarding a change in service.