low electric bill

You Turned off the Lights When not Needed and Made Sure Appliances are Unplugged.

Yet, at the end of the month, your jaw drops at the amount due on your electric bill. Your eyes are not playing games – electricity and utility costs are on the rise. Traditional energy-saving methods are not enough. Instead, you need to be more proactive and uncover the reasons you may be using more energy than required.

Tips for Keeping Your Electric Bill Down

While you should always unplug what you are not using and turn off the lights in rooms you are not occupying, there are more ways to save on electricity costs, including:
Monitor Your Water Heater – If you have an electric water heater, check the temperature. A temperature too high means your water heater is working overtime to maintain that heat. Also, make sure you are emptying and flushing it each year – excess sediment makes your water heater work harder than it should, thus driving up your bill.
Use the Slow Cooker – Your stove and oven use up a lot of electricity. A slow cooker, on the other hand, can run all day without using as much. Try using the slow cooker for meals at least twice a week. Not only will you have a meal ready when you get home for the day, but you will have saved a few dollars in the process.
Reseal Your Windows – Your windows have a layer of caulking around the seams. This prevents air from sneaking inside or out. Each year, you should check that caulking and replace it if necessary. That way, cold or hot air is not escaping, and your HVAC system will not have to work overtime to keep the temperature just right.
Use Electricity During Non-Peak Hours – Check with your local provider and see if they offer discounts for energy consumption during non-peak hours. If they do, don’t do laundry, dishes, etc. until those non-peak hours are in effect.

Finally, contact Stevens Electric with any questions on saving more money.