Organize Electrical Cords: Eliminating Hazards and Clutter

Can’t stand the cluttered look of the piles of cords created when using your favorite electronic devices?

Wish you could streamline their appearance or make it seem as though they’ve vanished altogether? Read on for some tips on how to organize electrical cords and make it feel as though your cords have gone “poof!”

The Cons of Cords

Cords not only look unpleasant laying around, but piles of them can pose a safety hazard for children and pets, and even worse, can be a fire hazard if they become tangled or if they overload an outlet.

Looping Up an Extension Cord

Here’s a simple, and free, way you can keep chords in order and eliminate clutter: loop them up. Form a tidy look with the cord itself and then hang it from a heavy-duty hook. Each time you loop the chord around, use your other hand to grab the length of the chord to create consistent loops. This is a particularly good method to use in storage spaces like basements, garages and sheds.

Reel It In

For particularly long extension cords, an electrical wire spool or something similar can be extremely handy. You could also use a cardboard tube from a paper towel roll to loop a smaller cord. Wrap the cord around the cylinder, then store it on the spool in a basket or bin.

Rope It Up

Are you familiar with how sailors tie ropes? The same method can be used when it comes to extension cords. First: untangle the cord and extend it to its full length. Next, with the cord in the palm of your hand, leave the other end to hang loosely. Use your other hand to bring the cord across your palm. Then, bring the cord across your palm the opposite way and continue the pattern, not wrapping too tightly. When you near the end, leave the loop a bit longer and wrap the last section around your bundle, then pulling it through the middle. It’s now ready to hang on a hook for storage. Need a visual aid? A simple Internet search should provide plenty of examples and tutorials. You could also search “how to make a daisy chain” for another effective method.

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