save energy commercial space

No one likes an expensive electric bill. The good news is that be it in your home or commercial property, there are strategies you can put to use to keep the high bills at bay.

Here, we offer up seven tips to try in your commercial space.

Repair & Upgrade Lighting.

If your lights are a few years old or are flickering, it’s time to invest in upgrading to an efficient system that can cut costs. Consider motion-sensitive lighting in areas that aren’t in high-traffic spaces like conference rooms, restrooms, and breakrooms. This can eliminate employees forgetting to flip the off switch when leaving a space. Motion-sensitive lighting can bring almost 80 percent cost savings. Another savings option would be to use LED lights for up to 60 percent cost savings. LED lights last considerably longer and require less maintenance over time, so they’re a great choice.

Use Energy-Efficient Settings on Equipment.

Your computers, printers, and other pieces of office equipment likely have an energy-efficient mode. Make sure you’re using it.

Check Power Saving Settings.

As mentioned above, energy-efficient settings are useful, but it is also important to double-check that the settings remain in place now and then as they can get reset or overridden during things like software updates. Put a reminder in your computer system or even on your cell phone to check this monthly or seasonally, at minimum.

Consider Cloud Systems.

While server rooms are important, some companies are finding it especially cost-effective to move at least part of their data storage to cloud hosting systems. Be sure to speak with an IT professional to see if this is a realistic option for you.

Maintain Motors & HVAC Systems.

Each year, schedule to have your motors synchronized and your HVAC systems inspected to ensure they’re running as efficiently as possible. If the systems are working too hard, they can use more energy and run up your electric bill.

Install Programmable Thermostats.

Let management decide what temperature the buildings should be running at and install a programmable thermostat do the work. Encourage employees to bring a small fan for their area, or a blanket or an extra layer if they tend to run cold.

Perform an Energy Audit.

Call on a professional commercial electrician like Stevens Electric to do an audit of your buildings and systems. We can help you to discover energy-savings opportunities you might not have considered on your own.

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