Outdoor Wall Lighting

When you walk outside your house at night, how dark is it? With the seasonal change comes darker mornings and longer nights, and choosing the right design and location of outdoor wall lighting can be the difference. Not only in its appearance but also in its safety and value. Something as simple as exterior wall lighting elevates your home’s functionality and curb appeal.

When it comes to outdoor wall lighting, there are several factors to consider.

Outdoor Wall Lighting

Types of Outdoor Wall Lighting

Believe it or not, there are many different types of outdoor wall lighting; Fun fact: any light fixture attached to a wall is called a sconce. When considering adding outdoor lighting to your home, it’s essential to know your options and work best for your ultimate goal. There are three types of lights: electric, solar, or battery-powered.

Electric sconces are hardwired into your house’s electrical system and controlled by a light switch. This is both a permanent and reliable option.

Solar sconces are environmentally friendly and cost-effective. Many models are and easy to install. Most models use a light sensor to turn the lights on at sunset automatically. However, positioning plays a vital role in its reliability and power.

Battery-powered sconces are a great solution when you want exterior lighting with minimal installation and commitment. These are easy to obtain but require battery changes and are the least reliable.

Outdoor Wall Lighting

Styles of Outdoor Wall Lighting

Choosing a style can be overwhelming. There are hundreds of styles to choose from and hundreds of manufacturers. Contractors often have connections with light manufacturers and access to catalogs that aren’t marketed in store, so if you aren’t finding a style that fits you, all is not lost. Colors, materials, and over-all design are based on your personal style. Here are some general techniques just to get you started:

Wall sconces a minimalist approach that allows you to shine light sideways or vertically, illuminating the surrounding area while adding a modern feel to any outdoor space.

Hanging Lanterns
A classic choice that comes in innumerable styles and finishes. Choosing this style requires the perfect location, as they can protrude out from the wall causing safety hazards if installed in the wrong spot.

Torch Lights
Growing in popularity this style option is attention-grabbing. This unique sconce style resembles old-fashioned torches and can be paired with flickering bulbs for added effect.

Pendant lights are timeless and come in an almost limitless variety; however, like hanging lanterns, these require the perfect location to avoid any safety hazards.

Outdoor Wall Lighting

Installing Electric Outdoor Wall Lighting

An electrician can install your outdoor wall lighting, whether it’s new or a replacement. Wiring for these new lighting fixtures can be done in a few different ways. The method used will depend on the existing wiring and location. For example, an electrician may opt for a mid-circuit installation by splicing wires and adding a junction box. If there’s already an existing light nearby, new light can be wired from the existing light fixture box. Proper installation is essential to prevent water from leaking into your electrical system. Hiring a licensed Electrician for installation can help prevent an issue that may occur during the installation process.

If you need help picking out the best light fixtures for your outdoor space, Stevens Electric can help. We have years of experience and access to several different manufacturers to help you find the perfect lighting for your project. Stevens Electric also warrants their work for a year, both parts and labor giving you peace of mind and reliability.

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