What is the core of your home? For most, it is the kitchen and centered in that kitchen is your island.

A kitchen island can become the focal point and the heart of the design of any kitchen. Adding electrical elements can not only elevate a vision but also offer some convenience. For example, adding island outlets to your kitchen enhances its efficiency helping you to make the most of your counter space. Due to our love for electronic devices, and use for them on islands has grown in popularity. Stevens Electric can install the outlets that are up to code, not to mention give it the proper finishing touches that keep your kitchen’s aesthetic in mind. If you plan on remodeling or renovating your kitchen we will make sure to keep our changes to code. For example, you may not know that islands have their own electrical code that your countertops do not have.

Here are some outlet options perfect for an island:

USB Outlets


A USB outlet enables the convenience of adding a charging station to your kitchen island; outlets can come in a variety of finishes to match your overall kitchen décor. Because people are using more and more electronics, this has become a popular demand. If you have a family, we recommend this option.

Recessed Outlets


A recessed outlet is set deeper into the island, differing from a regular outlet. An outlet that is recessed prevents protruding connectors and plugs, which can often be unsightly. It ultimately creates a modernized look for your kitchen island.

Pop-up Outlets


Pop-up style outlets are a low-profile option offering the convivence of viability when it’s in use. When not in use, the outlet lays flush against the island countertop and also comes with a variety of options including USB designs.

There are so many options when it comes to electrical design, it can often become overwhelming in the scheme of any kitchen design project. Stevens Electric partners with many different retail providers for specialty products that many simply do not know are on the market today. It is never too late to elevate your kitchen. If you would like more options on island outlets or to have them installed please use our contact form or by phone (610) 316-9998.