Pool Electrical

As Summer Approaches, All We Think About the Activities Associated with One of the Most Favored Seasons.

I can taste the ice cream, feel the sun on my skin and anticipate the summer swimming. Have a pool? Want a pool? Are you installing a pool? Swimming pool construction is both exciting and stressful. It’s a challenging project for any homeowner or company. Swimming pool installations is no easy job, there are endless permits, inspections and hours of physical labor involved. Companies who design, build and install swimming pools want to provide quality and durability. You do not want the nightmare of hiring just any electrician to inspect your swimming pool’s electrical work and you cannot count on city or county inspectors to find electrical issues. If you have even one faulty wire it can become a safety hazard; and consequently, a serious liability for your company or your home.

How to Hire the Right Electrician to Inspect Pool Safety?

There are thousands of electricians out there, but not all professionals are skilled in swimming pool electrical systems; or hold the proper licensing and liability to handle an expensive project. When looking for an electrical contractor to inspect and help you bring power to your swimming pool, consider the following:

Swimming Pool Expertise – Every licensed electrician in the state is qualified to look at electrical work, but ask yourself this, “ Does company that has experience?”

There are other things to think of also, like:

Availability – Your pool is on a timeline and so is the electrical. It is imperative you stick to that deadline. A good electrical contractor is one that can help you meet your deadlines and will not wait weeks before they can show up at the job site.
References – Did you ask for references? whether you get references from customers or other contractors, it is important to research any and all contractors hired.
Cost –There is always a budget. Look for an electrical contractor who gives you upfront pricing and detailed estimates. You will want a contractor that is within your electrical wiring budget, but do not sacrifice quality just to save a dime.

When it comes to projects, like this one, don’t be afraid to get other estimates. When comparing contractors don’t always go by price; Remember, you get what you pay for-sometimes cheaper is not better. Lastly, contact Stevens Electric for a free estimate.